If you haven’t had your sewage system inspected in a few years, you need to call Flow Technologies Inc.

Timely sewer inspections can

  • Save you clogged pipes
  • Save you major costs on sewer repairs
  • Keep your house safe from sewage problems
  • Save you a massive headache
  • Save on additional costs
  • Identify potential problems
  • Locate clogs, and leakages

We are CCTV pipe inspection contractors who have been in the business for more than 30 years, and we have the solution to your drainage problems.

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Why Flow Technologies for Sewer Pipeline Cameras Inspection

High-Quality Work

Our technicians have 30+ years of experience in trenchless sewer camera inspection

Quick Response Time

Our team wastes no time to fulfill your request and comes to your doorstep within 24 hours.

No Hidden Cost

Our technicians give you a correct estimate after identifying the problem. No surprises

Why You Need CCTV Pipe Inspection Contractors

There are some tell-tale signs that should make you reach for your phone.

  • Unpleasant smell

If you suddenly find unpleasant smells in your house near the drains, you need an inspection to avoid mishaps.

  • Increased water bills

If your usage is the same but your water bill has shot up, there’s a high chance that there’s a leakage in your pipes.

  • Slow drainage

Are your drains not draining as fast as they should? Get a CCTV pipe inspection done to find the cause before it’s too late.

  • Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew grow in damp areas. If your walls suddenly have growth, you have leaky or blocked pipes in your house.

  • Cracks in your house

Clogged and leaky pipes may cause fine cracks along your walls and ceiling. Sudden cracks are not normal.

Let Flow Technologies Inc., the best CCTV pipe inspection contractor in Seattle, take care of sewer pipe inspection for you.

Trenchless Pipe Repair by Flow Technologies

How sewer camera inspections help you

Our special CCTV pipe inspection cameras –

  • Give real-time footage
  • Don’t damage your property
  • Are flexible and maneuver through drainage
  • Are powered through special equipment

Sewer camera inspections are the first step in the sewer repair and cleaning process to –

  • Locate leaks and damages
  • Discover the condition of the pipes
  • Avoid unnecessary cost and digging
  • Witness real-time situation
  • Save on repair costs

After the initial inspection, we decide the next course of action based on the discovery.

We use hydrojetting and other methods to clean your multi diameter sewer pipes.

In case your pipes need repair, we use cured-in-place pipes (CIPP) technology.


Don’t wait any longer, let Flow technologies Inc. look at your sewer pipes through our trenchless sewer pipe cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to hire sewer inspection camera services?

It is best to hire sewer inspection camera services because usually, the sewage system is a maze of intertwined pipelines which is difficult for a non technician to handle.

The camera is itself a very highly technical mix of software and hardware that can be operated correctly by only a trained professional.

Are pipe inspection cameras useful for commercial drainage?

Pipe inspection cameras are best for commercial drainage. Huge drainage systems are usually built underground and have structures on the ground. Excavating sewage pipes is very costly and sometimes not possible, Pipe inspection cameras are the only resort and are much more cost-effective and efficient.

How much does a professional sewer line camera inspection in Seattle cost?

Hiring a professional sewer line camera inspection service can cost anywhere from $70 to $ 900.

Ensure that you hire only trusted service providers like Flow Technologies Inc. for your sewage plumbing needs.

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How long does a video sewer line camera inspection last?

The time taken to do a video sewer line camera inspection depends on the length of your sewer drainage pipes. For example, if your sewer is ten to twelve feet in length, the sewer inspection could take up to fifteen minutes.

Will I be able to keep a copy of the footage?

Yes. We give you a copy of the footage as part of our services. Our camera footage is a mix of video and images.

What is the most common diagnosis from a sewer camera inspection?

The topmost common diagnosis from a sewer camera inspection is –

  1. Tree roots

    Tree roots can push through your pipes to make way for themselves.

  2. Built-up grease

    Grease build-up and mold is the second most common cause of faulty sewer pipe drainage. Even if you ensure you run water after the grease, there’s no guarantee it won’t cause problems later.

  3. Collapsed pipes

    Cameras are most effective when it comes to locating collapsed pipes. Earlier excavation was the only way to find collapsed pipes. Now you can find them easily.

  4. Cracked pipes

    It is easy to locate cracks in pipes as well. Cracked pipes cause the sewer to leak, resulting in low pressure and mess.

  5. Clogs and blockages

    Sewer inspection cameras can pinpoint the site of clogs and blockages within the pipe so that it is easier to clean and repair.

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Features of Flow Technologies’ Services

Commercial/Residential Areas

We can inspect multi-dimensional pipes and cater to residential and commercial sewage.


Trenchless Inspection

Our inspection cameras are inserted through sewer drains and cause no damage.

Complete Sewer Inspection

We find every site that needs cleaning and repair, not just the part that is the main problem

Continuous Footage

We map the entire sewage system with video footage and images for a better understanding of the problem

Problem Identification

Our technicians with over 30 years of experience can find the problem within no time.

Complete Plumbing

After we’ve found the problem areas, we are equipped to clean and repair as you see fit.

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“Flow Technologies recently finished a project at my home. During this project, there was a mechanical failure with the lining, but Flow Technologies wasted no time making sure everything was in perfect working order and the job was done right. The crew was professional and great to work with. After the job was over, I worked with Nicole to pay my bill and close my account. She assisted me with the details and was very patient. I highly recommend Flow Technologies for piping solutions. Even my neighbor have booked an upcoming project! He also told me they had 4 other companies come out to give an estimate and Flow Technologies was the best value. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the entire process!”

S. Mills

Washington State

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