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One of the Leading Experts in Trenchless Rehabilitation & Pipe Solutions in the Great Pacific Northwest.

What we Do

Flow Technologies specializes in trenchless solutions for infrastructure that needs repair or rehabilitation. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers with superior equipment and materials. We combine our skills for getting the job done right because we’re the good guys. 

Our stellar reputation and over 30 years of trenchless rehabilitation and pipe solution experience means that we don’t just help solve your problems–we are the solution. 

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Who We Serve

Commercial & Industrial Services

We serve a variety of commercially held sewer systems and industrial land owners.

Muncipal Services

We serve a variety of government-owned sewer systems such as Cities, Counties, States, and local water districts.

Residential Services

Not only do we serve large government and commercially owned sewer systems, we can also take care of the smaller residential needs and neighborhood areas as well.

Our Services

We perform a wide variety of services on many diverse sewer systems through Seattle to Portland in commercial, municipal or residential districts. These services include the following:


We operate a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) camera mounted on a tractor system deployed from a service truck in order to perform inspections on the following: mainline, downspouts, drains and sewer pipe inspections lateral and side sewer inspections.


We are able to clean multiple diameter pipelines through different methods. This is done to remove excess debris in the line to assess the need for repairs or replacement. We can perform on the following: root removal, grease removal, mainline, lateral side sewer, protrusion/intrusion removal, pipe obstructions removal.

Pipeline repair & rehabilitaition

We use a process called Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) which is a no-dig method. This method can be used to repair and rehabilitate sewer systems that include: storm pipes, sewer pipes, lateral pipes.

Our Recent Projects

We travel to all locations in the great Pacific Northwest. Covering all of Washington & Oregon from the big cities to the rural areas.  

“Flow Technologies recently finished a project at my home. During this project, there was a mechanical failure with the lining, but Flow Technologies wasted no time making sure everything was in perfect working order and the job was done right. The crew was professional and great to work with.  After the job was over, I worked with Nicole to pay my bill and close my account. She assisted me with the details and was very patient. I highly recommend Flow Technologies for piping solutions. Even my neighbor have booked an upcoming project! He also told me they had 4 other companies come out to give an estimate and Flow Technologies was the best value. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the entire process!”

Susan Mills Washington Local

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